Parallax or Static image has really slow redraw time?

Hi guys, I’ll include a link to my portfolio site in a hidden response, but basically I’m getting a lot of feedback that ‘the scrolling is not smooth’.

I have several ‘jump-to’ anchor links but they dont seem to play a problem when the hero div is not in the viewport.

The viewport is currently set to a parrallax setting, full size. And previously it was set to just an image set to ‘fixed’ position.

For some reason when either of these settings are applied on the image of the hero div, the scrolling in that area gets all glitchy and slow.

If you could please take a look for me and suggest what I could improve. It’s affecting a wide number of users and I don’t even have much custom code or css applied.


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Hey Jay,

Welcome to the BB forums!

I have tested the site using an iPad air 2 and jump-to link is working fine, I didn’t experience any jitter or lag. Re optimization, I’m not sure how much difference it would make but you can try lowering the size of the image, it’s currently at 2040px width and the maximum recommended image size for a full-width background is 1930px.

If you want to take this further, you can set different sizes of the image and hide/show them on certain screensizes, so smaller devices use a smaller version of the image. BB lets you control which elements to show on certain devices easily under Advanced > Responsive Layout.


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Hi Jay,

That’s not a BB standard, it seems to be what users agree on as the optimal size - file size is not too large and it retains its quality even when viewed on the largest possible screen resolution.