Parts of Footer disappears when adding HTML module and using iframe


I’m creating a site and have header and footer themer layouts. I created a page and added an HTML module in the content area with an iframe code:

<iframe width="1200" height="1000" src=""</iframe>

It worked fine for over a week, then today, the footer background color and map module disappeared. If I remove the HTML code, the footer displays properly.

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem? I searched the forum and didn’t really find anything that addressed this.

The code is not correct. After the 93216" you are missing a >

So it should be

<iframe width="1200" height="1000" src=""></iframe>

Thank you for the help. However, I have another issue, when I click on the Beaver Builder link on the top menu to edit the page, the menu disappears and I can’t edit anything. “/?fl_builder” is displayed in the address bar after the page, indicating I should be in edit mode. If I go to the page in WP Admin, the contents of the page are displayed, not the “Launch Beaver Builder” button, and I have an error. See image below:

I figured out the embedded Google Map in the footer via HTML was causing the issue. Unfortunately, now I have to redo all the pages… :roll_eyes: