Paste from Microsoft Word loses color, keeps Bold, Italic, etc

Hello. The subject says it all. I cannot seem to find the answer.

I am very new to beaverbuilder.
I want to be able to paste text into the text editor from MSWord and keep all formatting including colors. Bold etc. is transferred correctly but the color disappears.
Any way to fix that?

Thanks a lot for your help

Never ever paste from word, it uses its own language for formatting and will cause you heartache later trust me.

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It’s always a hassle when formatting doesn’t transfer smoothly. I’ve had similar issues in the past. The thing is, when you paste from Microsoft Word, some programs just don’t handle the formatting well, especially colors. They usually manage bold and italic text, but colors often get lost in translation. One trick I’ve found helpful is using online tools like . It tends to keep the formatting more consistent, including colors. You just paste your text into Notes Online first, then copy it again to your final destination. It’s like giving your text a little formatting boost before it lands in the final document. Another option is to tweak the settings in your destination program. Some programs have options for pasting with or without formatting. If you choose to keep formatting, it might help retain the colors.

Try pasting your text into Notepad first to strip formatting, then copy it into Beaver Builder. It might help keep more of the original colors from Word.