Paste from Word causes crash?

Ok… same client/site as before (, different page.

My client inserted the FAQ template into her page and then edited the content. When she clicked done/publish. The page refreshed but all content was gone. I could not reproduce this on my end and this time no errors showed up in the debugger.

It happened a second and third time for her and in her last email, I think I found a clue. She was pasting directly from Word on her Windows computer. She sent me the doc file but I don’t have Word on my Mac and pasting the FAQs in from that file in Google docs worked flawlessly.

Since I can’t confirm that Word is to blame here, I just thought I’d mention it here in case anyone else has a client experiencing this issue.

Note to self: Create client training video on how delete Microsoft apps

Hello Gretchen,

Copying and pasting from Word directly to a visual editor would make it include all formatting/styling from Word. I think Google Docs has less of those compared to Word which would explain why it worked but I’m not entirely sure. There could have been a code that was pasted to the editor which can’t be parsed. What I normally do when copying and pasting from Word is I usually paste it first into notepad so all formatting/styling is removed. I just format/style them on the visual editor on WP.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks - I explained to her already about how to NOT paste from Word and how to use her text editor. She said the first time she was not pasting from Word so now I’m not convinced that it was the real culprit.

This client also has a reputation for breaking anything I let her touch. She won’t pay for our full service plan so she continues to destroy things. :confused:

For now all is well.