Photos weirdly staggered on mobile

My blog is mostly images and I’ve got it set up four to a row on desktop and two to a row on mobile. However, on mobile it’s sometimes putting a blank space to the left on an image so that there’s only one image on a row and sometimes the reverse (one image on left and blank space on right). I can’t figure out how to fix it. Any help greatly appreciated. The attached image demonstrates the problem.

Hi Steve,

I’ve visited your blog using the URL from your screenshot and the blog is stacked on mobile devices. Am I looking at the right page?

That’s right. It’s working fine on desktop and mobile where the rows are 4 across. It’s just on mobile, where they’re supposed to be two across, that I’m seeing the issue.

I’m slightly confused you said:

working fine on desktop and mobile where the rows are 4 across

On mobile your blog page posts are stacking i.e. in one column. Am I look at the right page? If it isn’t your blog page can you provide a link to the page where the posts are supposed to be in two columns on mobile. :slight_smile:

I figured it out. Was a result of the descriptions being too long. Thanks.

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