PHP inside the HTML module?

Is there anyway to include PHP inside the text element ?

In my particular case what I want to do is include ACF elements within pages content. Please advise

Hey Carlos,

Have you tried using the plugin below?

Also, won’t using ACF shortcodes suffice? I haven’t really used ACF before but I did encounter a site where it was using ACF’s shortcodes. :slight_smile:


ACF shortcodes only work for plain text. I need more complex functionality like Repeaters… Ill check out that plugin now, will let you know how it goes! thank you !!!

OK … I have found the perfect plugin for to get ACF to work, its called “Insert PHP Code Snippets”, … the interface is very very ugly but its the only only one that works smoothly! It creates a widget you can access from BB with a dropdown selection of all the snippets available and loads the the content on the front end

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Hi Carlos,

Awesome and thanks for sharing the plugin. We appreciate it.


I’ve also used “”, which is very straightforward for inserting PHP code into a shortcode. Haven’t tried it yet in the “HTML Settings”.