Picture as background on all space between header and footer?


I’m struggling to figure out how to put a faded picture as background behind all my content. In the “content” option in the customizer i can change the color only, but this one also changes the color-background of the header.

I tried using one column, but sadly one can’t add colums inside colums either.

I hope there is a solution to this, so i can have something similiar to mises.org where there is a library and a person on the left in the background picture.

Thanks alot

Hey Lasse,

Thanks for getting in touch! This can be achieved via custom CSS. You can target the element .fl-page .fl-page-content and place a background image there. It should look something like this.

.fl-page .fl-page-content {
  background-image: url(http://www.website.com/content-bg.jpg);

Then you can play around with the background options found here.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben!