Please allow unused modules to be turned off more easily like Powerpack

As we all know BB is very feature-rich but this comes with the downside that the code can be bloated especially when lots of modules aren’t used. Although you allow us to turn off modules we aren’t using, it is very difficult to know which may or may not be being used in a site especially if we didn’t build it.

If you see how PowerPack handles this issue they do it very well allowing you to turn off all modules you are NOT USING. Please implement this! A site went from 29% on Lighthouse speed test to 45% just by turning off uneeded powerpack modules. Imagine what the improvements could be with BB and UABB included with this feature.

You already can, you have been able to for years now.

@pross. Obviously you can turn off modules but BB doesn’t allow you to do this for ONLY ones you aren’t using. See PPs filter options and perhaps be less passive-aggressive to a paying client next time?

But you can, if you enable the filter you will see new output on the modules page that shows you what modules are used and where and when you disable them they do not load AT ALL. It was added in 2019.

What filter where?

Click the link in my 1st reply. The filter is there, you add the filter to your child theme to unlock the feature.

Thanks. However, that is 5 minutes of clicking to turn off what isn’t being used. Why not have a “disable all unused modules” button? Power Pack does it so much better.

Any news on making this process easier? It would be great to just have a button that disables all unused modules.

Its already quite easy, you just add the filter and the modules list will show you if they are used on pages or not, then you just uncheck the ones you want to disable.

The reaso you need the filter to enable this is the query that is used to list the layouts used is very database intensive and would likely not work on low cost budget hosting.