Please explain details about "uploads/bb-plugin/cache"

I am investigating unexpected CSS behaviour. Some CSS is obviously not coming through and I cannot yet find the culprit.

Inspector refers to some CSS that is called from:

My setup

  • BB
  • BB Themer
  • Theme: BB Playground
  • child theme with custom CSS
  • on staging server
  • no server level caching or caching plugins
  • define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );
  • cleared BB cache multiple times
  • cleared browser history/cache
  • tried various browsers / browser profiles
  • SFTP set to “-al”

The cache CSS file does not seem to get flushed.

So my question is, may I manually delete the file or empty it?


There should be a bb-plugin folder in your uploads folder: /wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache

What do you mean not coming through?

@pross Coded in backend, not shown in frontend.

Hello @craiger522 : You probably read the earlier version of my post. In the mean time I had found the folder. So, I edited my post to reflect that.

Are you trying to say the whole css file is a 404? A url to this file would help

Luckily nothing is 404.

I guess I am saying that style.css in child theme does not override bb-plugin/cache CSS.

So, one might say that I am getting too much rather than too little, as with 404.

So you want your child theme css to overide something in the plugin, again an example would be useful… you are probably not being specific enough with selectors.

Also, it being your child theme are you changing the stylesheet version every time in the wp_enqueue_style function? It wont change by itself and browsers will cache that css file, thats why it has a version number

I cannot post a link here for privacy reasons. Is there another way to send a link?

Blisk browser does not use cache and I have the same issue in Blisk.

What is the wp_enqueue_style function?

if you look in the child theme, there is a class, in that class you will find its using that function to enqueue your css file.

If this forum is to insecure for you, i suggest you open a support ticket.

Thank you. How/where can I open an support ticket?

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Many thanks!