Please help on business directory & calendar booking thanks


Will you be able to advise how to create a business listing/directory + booking of appointments with calendar on beaver builder? I’ve checked out a plugin – Geodirectory that seems to fit what I’m looking for but on their site it stated they only work on Genesis theme. I am quite disappointed as I just bought the beaver builder theme + plugin and it was mentioned it works with almost all plugins. would u be able to advise which plugins will work on beaver? Thanks

Hey Irine,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

What issues are you encountering? Indeed, the GeoDirectory isn’t compatible with our theme. But I believe that plugin has a way to make it work with BB theme, albeit some code changes. Take a look at the Justin’s reply on the thread below.

Sorry to say but we don’t really have much experience with booking plugins. Try asking the same question over to the BB FB Group and/or Slack Channel. We’ve a lot of active users there who might be able to make some recommendations.