Plugin Update Error.

The latest BB Pro plugin has trouble installing, for me, on a ‘clean’ site.

All that’s currently installed is:

BB Theme
BB Child Theme.
1 Plugin - Beaver Builder Pro

BB Plugin 1.6.2.x Update Error

The class folder is already present with a half-dozen files in there. i.e. it already exists.

The update worked fine on a live site - with Genesis/DWB and 20 plugins or so.

Any ideas please? Thank you

Hey Anakyst,

Thanks for posting! When you said ‘The update worked fine on a live site’, does that mean that this error is happening on a local dev?


Ben, yes. The error is happening on a local dev site.

In the mean time I downloaded the latest Plugin ver., unzipped and copied the plugin folder over to my Server.

That always works! :slight_smile:

Hey Annakyst,

Was gonna suggest you that. :slight_smile: It’s kinda hard, if not impossible, for us to check with local environments mainly because we don’t have access to it. Anyway, glad it’s working now! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: