Plugin update not showing up and not working

Hi guys,

on 1 of my 3 websites the plugin update finally showed up, but after installing it I am not seeing any of the changes that should be in it? And the other 2 are still not showing the new update is available. What can I do about his? Thanks for your reply!


Hey Lara,

The latest version is 1.6.4. Can you check in your plugins dashboard to confirm that is the version you have currently? Also, updates coming through can be a bit tricky and just need a bit of time to be pulled from the update server. You can click the check for updates button to force a check. Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!


Hi Billy,

Thanks for that. Yes I have checked it is the new version (1.6.4). From what I had read it would be possible to change the fonts of the text editor in this version, right? because that is what I’m looking for and can’t find.



Hey Lara,

On the latest update, you can only change the font of the Heading module. All other fonts are being controlled by your theme.