Plugin update


I’ve just installed Beaver Builder plugin 1.7.5 on a localy hosted site (with DesktopServer).
I’ve entered the licence, but in the plugin section, I’m getting a message saying that there is an update. However, I can’t get automatic downloads. Why is that?



Hi Nicolas,

Can you go to your Beaver Builder My Account page and click Domain Manager. Then see if the domain isn’t Deactivated.

If the domain is activated, can you provide temp admin access, please?


Hi Danny,

Admin access wouldn’t help, since it’s hosted on my PC, and not shared to the outside.

Hopefully, it finaly worked later after several tries, but I don’t see any logic in that. Do you have some experience with the use of Beaver Builder and DestopServer ?



Hey Nicolas,

I actually encounter that issue with all premium themes/plugins, not just BB. I find myself refreshing the updates page a few times before it picks up the update. If on a localhost though, I usually just get the latest version of the plugin and replace it manually. I find it easier that way. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, good to hear it’s now working. And thanks for taking the time to inform us.

Enjoy BB!