Pods ACT (Advanced Content Type) and


I’m using pods ACT (Advanced content type) that stores data on a different database table. It works fine on my wp admin. But it isn’t working with beaver builder like works with CPT.

What do I have to do to ACT works on Beaver Builder like CPT does?

Thank You.

“A content type that exists outside of the WordPress post and postmeta table and uses custom tables”.

BB is not compatible with that type of setup, I’m afraid.

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Hi @marcusquiroga you can use the [pods] shortcode stuff or any templates you created but broader support isn’t currently built into the pods bb integration!

ACT is from the days before CPT existed within WordPress and has only a few rare use cases - so make sure there is a good reason to go that way as ACT is mostly “outside” off nay default stuff :confused:

An alternative might be to use a CPT with Table Storage instead oft meta Storage for further questions feel free to join the pods slack - http://slack.pods.io