Popup maker Integration

Hey Ben -

We are working to integrate popup maker into http://satyamoksh.codelessme.net/blog/ using the button element. You will see a donation button. We have applied the correct class id to the button but it isn’t working. We have used # as the button link. We have used popup maker on another site but used <button class="#####">Button Text</button> instead of the default way of applying a class to any element.


Hey David,

Would you mind providing temp admin access so we can take a look?


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Hey David. It looks like there might be a Javascript error going on. A couple of things to try… could you try switching to a different theme? And or, have you been able to get the popup working if by using a button in an HTML module (like on the other site)? Can you give that a try and see if it works? Thanks!

Robby - it is working with twenty fifteen. So - looks like a theme issue. I would rather use the buttons on the site as it would allow us to not have to jump into css and customize the text to look like a button when we have button modules at our disposal.

Thanks Robby.

Definitely. If you can get the Javascript error resolved, I believe targeting the page builder button module will work. Let us know if you have any more trouble.

Well that is my question. What is the theme loading that I should be looking for?

Can you set me up with FTP access? Also, is the site live? Can I try quickly chopping up the Javascript to see if there’s an issue?

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Okay, it looks like on line 37 of you theme.js file, there is a callback with function braces. If you remove the function braces, the code runs without an error. So, this:

$( window ).on( 'scroll', $.throttle( 500, this._menuScroll() ) );

Needs to change to this:

$( window ).on( 'scroll', $.throttle( 500, this._menuScroll) );

Let me know if that works for ya!

Hey there Robby,

So - we have popups! Now the issue that we are facing is this…

If we have two pop-up triggers on a single page triggering two different popups, the site isn’t showing them properly. For example the about page. Different popups for each button yet they are displaying the same popup no matter what.

Looking through the plugin docs, seems this functionality should be normal and functioning properly but it isnt. I think we might be dealing with an issue still.

Thanks Robby!

Hey David… Hmm. Not sure about this one. I believe the feedback form is targeting the fl-button class, right? Both buttons are going to have that class, so that might be part of the problem? Maybe add a more specific class to the buttons (in Beaver Builder) then target that class?

The Javascript error is gone, so I don’t think there is any issue with Beaver Builder. You’ll probably need to experiment with the popup plugin’s settings.