Possible Conflict between BB, PowerPack and/or UABB?


I am using the UABB Advanced Tabs module - with the PowerPack Gravity Forms Module (as a saved module) in each of the tabs on the home page of Shoreline Aviation. I think there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN POWERPACK AND UABB.

If you visit my staging site - links are below - you will see two tabs - one for Commuter Flights and one for Charter flights - in the mid to upper left part of the page. These forms need a conditional date picker - the departure date can’t take place in the past - for example, the visitor can’t choose to fly on May 13, 2019 because today is May 14th. And the return date can’t be earlier than the departure date. For example, if I choose May 23, 2019 as my departure date, the form should not allow me to enter May 22, 2019 as my return date. The earlier dates should be greyed out and not selectable on the date picker. I entered conditional date picker code into an HTML Block in each of the Gravity Forms so that the date pickers would behave this way. They worked at first. But it doesn’t work any more.

So I wrote to Gravity Forms. They had me export the forms as JSONs and send them to them. The forms worked for them. So I pulled the site over to staging ( at https://shorelineaviat.staging.wpengine.com/ ), swapped the theme over to Twenty Nineteen and tried it again. It still isn’t working. So I reactivated the BB theme and deactivated all of my plugins except BB, BB Themer, Powerpack and UABB. And the form doesn’t work but it only doesn’t work on the home page! I also have the saved module on another page and it works there - which makes no sense. See: https://shorelineaviat.staging.wpengine.com/uabb-gf-flights-form/

I’m using the PowerPack Gravity Forms Module with the UABB Advanced Tabs Module. I saved the PowerPack form as a Saved Module in order to use the UABB Advanced Tabs Module. I can’t figure this out! Can anyone help?


Hi Peggy,

You have a JS error of:

Uncaught ReferenceError: gform is not defined

So this could be the cause of your issue. Either Gravity Form JS isn’t loading or being loaded in the incorrect order.

If the form works in the PowerPack module then it could be related to the UABB Tabs module. However, I would advise disabling all plugins except for BB, GF, UABB and PowerPack and see if the issue persists. If it does, you may want to contact UABB and PowerPack support teams. :slight_smile:


Hi Danny, I did disable everything except BB, GF, UABB and PowerPack - and it is still happening. And I did write to both PowerPack and UABB. I’ll let you know what they come up with. Thank you.


Hi Peggi,

I have replied to your support request, will need login details to check further.
As Danny mentioned, there’s a JS error but surprisingly the same error is visible on the other page https://shorelineaviat.staging.wpengine.com/uabb-gf-flights-form/ and everything works fine.

So, I think something else is going wrong on the home page.