Possible data serialization error preventing BB layouts from being imported

I typically use the WP export/import plugin to migrate pages with BB layouts from site to site, and it seems to have worked in the past. However I’m noticing pages are no longer importing properly, the page does import, but the BB layout doesn’t come along for the ride.

I looked into the XML file the WP Export plugin generates and I believe I see the issue. Any BB Module with an editor field is generating a line break in the serialized data where I’m assuming it shouldn’t (the content must have at least one HTML tag (i.e. <p>) before the bug is triggered).

...s:117:"<p>saf jalskd jlkasdjf lkasdj lkasdjf lkasdf lkasdj flkasdjflkajsdflkasdf lkasdlfk asdlkfj alskdfj lkasdfjasdasd</p>

You’ll see that line-break immediately after the </p> tag.

I’m no serialization expert, but I do know adding HTML content to a BB editor field triggers the bug.

Hey Steve,

That’s actually due to a bug with the WordPress Importer plugin that I’ve previously posted about and submitted a ticket for with no response. :frowning:

We can’t just remove the newline characters because that would potentially break the intended layouts. If you want you can try my suggested fix for your copy of the importer.


So glad you had a fix, and it worked thanks!

I seem to have an additional issue with the serialized data. I’ve pasted content from different sources and noticed an End Of Text character (ETX) sometimes creeps into my pasted content (very likely from pasted Photoshop content). It’s invisible obviously so you have no way of knowing it’s in your content until the import fails. Even if you clear out the module’s content from the editor the import will continue to fail as the ETX character is now in the content history for that module. The only workaround seems to be removing the module from the page and starting from scratch by dragging a fresh module on to the page.

Anywho just an FYI, it’s not really a show stopper.

Hey Steve,

I’m glad that worked! Thanks for the heads up on the ETX issue as well.