possible to have menu underneath slider?

playing around with your demo and dont see how this would be achieved. What I’m trying to find are more options for the header areas. Any advice on this would be great!


Hi Matt,
it’s all about removing and adding code in your template (probably header.php). You just cut the code and paste it in at the new location.

Please don’t do this in the main theme but in a child-theme. So you don’t lose your changes with the next update.

If you google for that you’ll find a lot of solutions.

Regards, Leo

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Hi Matt,

There is a menu module in Beaver Builder that you could use to recreate this design. It looks like the slider/menu is on every page. You could create this layout in the page builder, save it as a template, then load it up on each of the pages. The only downside to doing it this way would be, if you needed to change the slider, you would have to do the change on every page.

To answer your last question, yes the BB theme is used in our customizer demo!

Hi Robby,

thanks for reply. When you say there is a menu module in Beaver Builder, I assume you mean the builder theme, correct?

Does your builder theme have a widget area in the header?

Grant, no the menu module is actually part of the page builder, not the theme.

We don’t have a widget area in the header either. You could build this layout using the page builder as I described, but the best way to do it would probably be with some custom code (for the reason I mentioned having to edit the content slider on every page).

Hi Matt,
me again. I followed the discussion. Robby is absolutely right: If you want to be on the safe (time saving) site you have to do this in the WordPress templates.

If you don’t like writing PHP code you can give the combo Genesis Framework and Dynamik Webseite Builder a try. With Dynamik it’s very easy to move elements in a template around - basically with not writing one line of code. If you’re interested you can watch the developer’s videos here: Dynamik Website Builder.

Our friend Colin from Dynamik Beaver has a great 4 part tutorial on this topic: Dynamik Beaver.

Yes, Genesis and Dynamik cost money but they’re worth every single dollar if you develop for customers. Our toolset and workflow is WordPress - Genesis - Dynamik Webseite Builder - Beaver Builder. With this we were able to cut down development time by at least 30% if not more. With Dynamik we built all repeating parts of the website (like menu positions, widgets, contact forms, buttons) and with BB all the content. Works like a charm.


I know this is an older thread, but I have ANOTHER site that needs a custom header on each page, so I need it ABOVE the menu.
Robby, you had mentioned a “menu” module. I can’t seem to find it in the page builder. Do you mean the wordpress widget custom menu? Was hoping to find a module like you mentioned.

Leo, I actually had purchased dynamik a while back, so maybe I’ll give that a try, too…


Hey Matt,

Actually, the menu module is still in development, but we hope to release very soon. For now, really the only way you could do this would be with custom coding, Dynamik or using the WordPress widget menu.


ok. thx