Possible to Split Rows in Half?

I wanted to know if there was a way to split a row in half so that the left side is one color and the right side is another?

This page sort of has the look as a reference. https://sridharkatakam.com/using-acf-pro-for-multiple-drag-n-drop-hero-text-image-and-image-text-sections-in-genesis/

I am not sure if this is possible with Beaver Builder or not.


Hey Bodie,

That should be possible. You can set the Row and Content to Full Width. Then drop a 2 Column layout to the row, assign a background color or image to each column and that’s it! Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben.

I was wanting to achieve something similar.

I want to create a course outline for my video lessons. It would have a couple of columns: one for name of the lessons and one with a ‘get started’ link. If I had just the one column containing the lessons, then too much white space displays with full width.

I can usually hack together what I need with the mega-power of BB’s modules, but realising this project is harder. I have previously tried what you suggested, i.e. two columns with different backgrounds. It looks absolutely fine on a desktop. But, of course, the problem is that on a mobile device the two columns can separate; I then end up with two menus, one of which just has 15 x instances of ‘get started’.

So I was wondering if there was a way to achieve this with BB, whether with the menu module or another. Could the columns be ‘welded together’ in the row to make them responsive together? Or, if not, whether there are any table plugins the community could recommend to help me achieve that ‘table of contents’ look.

Thanks guys.

Never mind - after three days of stewing on this, and one hour after posting here, I figured out a method: the call-to-action module. Horizontal style, generous spacing, a colour background, a button, full width, repeat, 1px gap between each.

I heart Beaver Builder. So much power and possibility beneath its simple facade.

Thanks for the kind words and for letting us know how you fixed it. Enjoy! :slight_smile: