Post Content Module Pulling in Author Information

There seems to be an issue with the latest Beaver Themer plugin update. The Post Content Module is adding the author bio footer to the content it is displaying. This is not something that used to be there, nor is it something we would like to be there. We already have a separate module for author information. You can see an example here at the end of this article:

Here is a screen shot of me editing the themer template:

Anybody have a fix/suggestion?

That author bio does not come from Themer or any Themer update. If you inspect the element in your browser developer tools you will see it is using author-bio-section class and if you look at your pages css for that class itrs coming from some author bio avatar plugin you have installed and that plugin is attaching that author bio to your post content.

Ahh, must have been something they changed on their end. How annoying. Thank you!

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