Post Feed Gallery View - 3 rows


I would like to use the post feed Gallery view but have 3 rows at full size rather than the 4 rows it’s set to. It obviously is responsive and goes down to 4,3,2,1 rows as the screen size reduces,

But I would like to limit it to 3 rows maximum, I have looked but am unable to see where the adjustment is needed to limit it to 3 rows,

Are you able to point me in the right direction or copy any code if you have had this request before


Hey Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to say but there is no such setting for it. And the way each item is styled makes it hard, if not impossible, to override it. You always have the option to head over to our User Voice Forums and add that as a feature request though. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply, no worries, I was able to add some padding & reduce it’s width so it moved to a 3 column layout for now.

I’ll add it to the feature requests, but I understand the difficulties with the way it’s put together.



Thanks for understanding. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: