Post Slider not working on Safari and iOS

Can’t figure out why the post slider isn’t working on Safari Mac (v. 9.0.3) or current iOS browsers. The only thing my troubleshooting shows is the following issues with your integrated version of BxSlider:

[Warning] Invalid CSS property declaration at: * (jquery.bxslider.css, line 21)
[Warning] Invalid CSS property declaration at: * (jquery.bxslider.css, line 82)
[Warning] Invalid CSS property declaration at: * (jquery.bxslider.css, line 83)

The posts not loading at all is on the homepage only. I’ve deleted and re-added the post slider; deleted PageBuilder cache; used “factory-fresh” settings on Safari and iOS (both Safari and Chrome on iOS, BTW); and nothing I do will resolve the conflict.

Page loads fine on IE 9 and above; latest Firefox and Opera browsers; Chrome on Mac/Win/Android.

The homepage is: and the post slider is at the bottom if you can take a peek and weigh in on what to do (other than just remove it!).

Hi Steve,

The Post slider is working fine on my version of Safari (also 9.0.3).


I also viewed your site on my iPhone and again no issue. Therefore, have you now resolved the issue?


Man…that is incredibly bizarre. I also tested it on several computers but none of them would parse the post grid in Safari. Now I’ve got a bald-spot where I’ve been head-scratching even more! :wink:

After receiving this update when I returned home late last evening, it suddenly was working. Still trying to figure out where the caching was going on, and the only thing I can determine (and will have one of my guys investigate in the server logs) is if it was an Nginx anomaly of some kind.

This is resolved now. Thanks Danny.