Post Template

I am creating a post template in BB. I have a sidebar and add the post module. However the post module only brings in the text and not the slideshow I am putting at the top of the post.

For example this is my post

but when I add the same thing to a post module I only see the text not the slideshow.

Also, Is there anyway to display the full text in the post module? I am only getting an excerpt.


Hey Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch! Re. the posts module, the image that would show on the posts page correlates to the featured image in the post. You have to set that manually, but there isn’t a way for it to pull in the slider there unfortunately. You are correct in that only part of the post text comes through on the posts page. That’s a good feature request though if you would like to add it! Sorry if those weren’t quite the answers you were looking for, but let me know if we can help further!