Posts module not working on mobile


My “posts” module is not working on mobile phones. Only the most recent post shows up. When I shrink my screen on my PC to an iPhone 6 size, it works properly. But on actual cell phones it doesn’t work. Only one shows up. I tired multiple phones.




Hey John,

Can you share the URL of the page this is happening to so we can check? I tried visiting the 3 blog layout templates that we have on mobile and all of the entries are showing.


[Content Hidden]

Hi John,

What browser are you using, as I have just viewed your site on my iPhone 5S on both Safari and Chrome. I see no issue, the post loads as expected.


There are 6 or 7 posts. Are all of them showing up on the “blog” home page I shared?

I checked it on my iPhone 6 and my roommate’s iPhone 6+

Hi John,

I only see one post on your homepage when using my browser on my Macbook -

Which is what I am seeing when viewing your site on my phone.


Someone had some of his posts set on private . . . This has been fixed!

Love the confidence in your product and that you didn’t stand down. Good stuff.