Posts Slider Height


Is there any way to stop the Posts Slider from adjusting its height? In this example:

two posts show excerpts of 6 lines and the third, 7 lines. This causes the slider’s height to change.

The height is currently the default of 400.


Hey Stuart,

All the Post slides on that site are 400px tall, at least from my machine, Win10 on Chrome. I think the problem is with the excerpts for each. It is counted by the number of words, not letters, so it’s hard to make them all uniform, unless you want to play with the wording. You could try this CSS snippet I have though to limit the height of the excerpt and hide all the extra words. Feel free to adjust the max-height value to suit your needs.

.fl-post-slider-feed-content p {
  max-height: 105px;
  overflow: hidden;

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben, that works well.

Best wishes,

No worries! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben. I tried your code above on this page for the Posts Slider:

Unfortunately it’s not working. Can you take a quick look and see if you notice anything?

And I would just add your CSS to my Child Theme stylesheet, correct? Do I need to add that direct to the BB stylesheet via FTP?

Thanks for any help!

Ben never mind, I got it working, thank you.

Hey Matt,

Glad you figured it out! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: