prevent BB plugin from loading in search page

Hi, guys,

I’m working on a client project with a custom made theme, where I used a custom page as a home page. I used Beaver Builder at this home page. So far so good, but then I started to work on the search page, I noticed that when I make a search, the search results page (using the search.php theme template) loads Beaver Builder files, but the builder isn’t used here.

I’ve tested this with a different theme (Twenty Fifteen), and the bug remains.

Is this a bug, or there is a way to prevent Beaver Builder from loading at this search results page?


Hey Diego! Thanks for the heads up. We’ll look into this. I’d say it’s more of an oversight than a bug, but this is definitely something we can change to help optimize the SERP pages. We’ll get on it :wink:

Hi, Robby,

Thanks for the answer, I’ll be waiting for more info on this!