Pricing table feature maximum height


In pricing table module, their is a “feature minimum height” functionality which is great. But I also wanted to constraint the feature maximum height or price table module maximum height. Can you provide a CSS code for that? Also I hear that you are working on a new price table module, when is that coming out?

Hi Shehryar! Hmm. Constraining the height might be a bit trickier. What do you want to do in the case of the content being “taller” than the available height? A scroll bar? I am sure this is doable with some CSS, curious if the scrollbar is what you have in mind, though?

Regarding the update, it’s being worked on right now! If all goes as planned, we’ll have it ready in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Not the scroll bar. My clients might add items to the price table but the height is important to restrict as we want to show all the content on the screen at one time.

Shehryar, okay good to know. I believe the only options you’ll have with CSS are to hide the content or provide a scrollbar. Here’s some CSS code you can tinker with:

.fl-pricing-table-features {
    max-height: 200px !important;
    min-height: 0 !important;
    overflow: scroll;

I would recommend adding a class to the pricing table, then targeting that class with CSS (you should try to get rid of the !important tags), but that should do the trick. You can also do:

overflow: hidden

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for this. I will play around with this. Thank you very much.