Printing slide show

Im trying to print some pages and is fixing the CSS for that.
I can’t seem to figure out how to print the Slide Show. It just comes out as white space.

i have tried using the different .fl-slide-classes but with no luck :frowning:

Any suggestions?


Hi there,

I’m not sure this will solve your specific problem, but css styles for print is something that may help: How to Create Printer-friendly Pages with CSS - SitePoint

Thanks for the suggestion. I have read the article earlier and it put me on the right path so I have managed to control the printed page using CSS. But the thing can’t get my head around is how to print the first(or any) image in the Slide Show.

Hi Max
Yes I tried that with nu success. And the customer did not just want the pages to print, they wanted to create a “product leaflet” so I hade to change the layout in the print.
In the end I used this plugin WordPress PDF and Print Generator Plugin for Posts and Pages | BestWebSoft
They offered great support and we solved most of the problems but not all.

Hey Rickard, sorry to hear you’re having trouble printing your slide show. Have you tried using the @media print CSS rule to specify a different styling for when the pages are printed? Also, make sure the elements you want to print have the ““display: block”” property. If that doesn’t work, you can look into using JavaScript to specifically select the elements you want to print. An alternate solution would be to try using a different tool to create your slide show that is more printer-friendly.

Also, if you’re in London, you can try searching for printing services in your area, such as ““printing london”” which might have more options.