problem with license actvation

I just renewed my license and I’m having trouble getting 2 of the sites back activated. The sites are:

For some reason they deactivated in the BB dashboard, so I had to reactivate them, but now they are still showing on the plugin page as “Update Unavailable” because the license isn’t activated, even though the license page says it’s activated.

Maybe this will resolve itself overnight, but wanted to let you know what’s happening.
Thanks for your help,

Hey Fran,

If it doesn’t, send over temp admin access to both site so we can check. :slight_smile:


It’s all good now, Ben, thanks. It just takes a really long time to communicate the license update info. Next time I’ll be more patient. :slight_smile:

Not really sure but we did have a hosting issue a few days ago, it might have been related to that.

Anyhow, glad to hear everything’s working now! And thanks for taking the time to inform us. :slight_smile: