Problem with text-editor after WordPress and TinyMCE Advanced update

There seems to be a problem with the Beaver Builder text editor either after the latest WordPress update or TinyMCE Advanced update.

When you choose text-editor it will only show the tabs “Add media”,“Visual” and “Text” and it show the text wrapped in HTML. It doesen’t show the TinyMCE Advanced functions.

The site is in WP Maintenance Mode so i cannot give you a link but I send you screenshots or access to the site.

Here is the website information:

WordPress 4.5

Version 2.2.7

Altitude Pro Theme

TinyMCE Advanced
Version 4.3.8

Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard Version)
Version 1.7.6


I have got the same problem here with my site with WordPress version 4.5.

The website with Wordpress version 4.4.2 has got no problems with Beaverbuilder.

I do not use TinyMCE Advanced.

Hi Morten & Randal,

I have just updated one of our test sites to WP 4.5 and I was able to use the text module without a problem. I understand that both of you don’t have the same plugins but let’s still have you both go through the plugin deactivation route i.e deactivate all plugins and if the text module works, reactivate them one by one to see which one is causing the issue. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


Hi Jun,

Thank you for your answer. I just disabled all other plugins, except BB, but the probleem was still there. Only the WP core and the BB plugin where running. I enabled all plugins again now.

I have several website using BB, but I don’t know if I can update the WP core on all websites (because of this problem).

The problem is that the TEXT module don’t show the text (the text is there in white!) and all text-options-buttons are not visible.

Hey Randal,

Sorry, you had to go through that process, I know how tedious it can be. One last thing, can you really quickly switch the theme to a WP default one like Twenty-Sixteen and do another test? Just to rule out the theme. Thanks!


Sorry to interrupt,

there is a real issue here with th 4.5 update AND Beaver.

Just take a look at my icket too.

With only one plugin, Beaver, and the 4.5 update, images are not displayed on admin AND visitor side.

if we desactivate beaver, images are ok.

if we back to 4.4 images are ok.

It’s obvious, other beaver fans will have this issue.

not saying its beaver issue, buth 4.5 update and beaver together are messing something.

I agree. I’m still experiencing a BB issues with the current WP 4.5 update. I’ve tested the plugins - the update and the beaver plugin seem to be not playing well together.

Hi Jun,

Hmmm it’s a bit strange. I had activated a plugin called “Easy Smooth Scroll Links” when I deactivated it, the text editor in Beaver Builder worked with TinyMCE Advanced but not under “Pages” i the admin.

I tried it on a test site with the same plugins installed and here there was no problem at all…

Same problem here. I’ve got the issue on two different sites.

First tried disabling all plugins, which didn’t help. Then I changed themes and the editor worked again. But off course I don’t want to change themes.

The themes I’m using are ‘Stockholm’ and ‘University’ from Cactus themes. Please help me with this issue.

We tested BB as soon as WP rolled out 4.5 and we have been able to confirm that all functionality works with 4.5. Since what you and @Janis seem to be experiencing a completely different issue than the OP, let’s have both of you shoot us an email at hello [at] wpbeaverbuilder [dot] com and we’ll take it from there.

I agree, that’s indeed strange. Can you check under Settings > Page Builder > Post Types and see if Pages is ticked, please? In case it was just deactivated.


Hi all,
I found the problem. The theme that I used on this website was not compatible with the WP 4.5 update and generated Java script errors. When I installed an other theme, the problem with BeaverBuilder was solved.

Best regards,

Hi Randal,

Happy to hear you have resolved your issue and thanks for informing us. We appreciate it.

@Bart - I think the best course of action is contact the support team for the theme you’re using. As there is no issue with the Text Editor in BB.


Hi again!
So I am still having the same issues. I contacted the theme developers - StudioPress - per your suggestion. They sent me the following:
"Hi JJ,

The latest version of Genesis does work and is compatible with the current version of WordPress.

Scribble itself should not contain any extra js.

When visiting the URL given, I do not see the same errors in the console.


Andrea Rennick
Customer Success Specialist - Team Lead"

If you check out the test site - you can see that this page is blank. It seems to be specific to the BB Gallery.

Hey Janis!

Have you tried updating BB to the latest v1.7.7 and see if that takes care of it? Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Thanks!


[Content Hidden]

Hey Janis,

I can see an error on the console when I visited those pages, and the errors are coming from the theme, which in turn is breaking the builder’s functions. Check the screenshot below for reference.

View post on

That code is coming from /wp-content/themes/scribble/js/scroll.js.

Hope this helps!


I’ll contact the theme owner - StudioPress again. I will see what they say given the information you gave me. I will let you know what they say - thanks!