Problems Migrating with BackupBuddy

I would prefer to build my sites on my local windows 10 office PC using WAMP and when I’m done have the option of migrating the finished site to the live host.

I have purchased BackupBuddy thinking it would be a lot easier to use it, not only for the migration tool, but for general off-site backups of my wordpress sites in general.

I seem to have the backups working fine but I am trying to migrate a test site to a live server and running into issues where the index page is blank and the rest of the pages only have the header and footer. Sometimes I don’t even get the right menu in the header (I’ve migrated twice). When I go into Page Builder I get one box with all the content in it and it’s just a jumbled mess.

So reading here I see this problem has come up before. So I exported my database after the migration from the production server (this is a fairly small test site with 4 pages) and I searched for the old address of


and low and behold there were lots of references, so I changed them to

But I also discovered there are hard drive paths in the SQL dump that are old, like:

A) c:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\

and I even have lines with

B) c:wampwwwwordpresswpcontentplguinsbb-plugin/modules/rich-text/

The production server is linux based and the root directory is:


Should I be searching & replacing A and B and what should the new paths look like?

would they just be /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins



Thanks for any help!

Hi Gerald,

I have honestly never migrated from a Windows based machine to a Linux server before. So this is alien to me. However, I believe your assumption is correct when you say "/home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins".

Therefore, once you have imported your database, run the Serialized Search and Replace tool we recommend on our KB (linked below) and try also updating the paths as well.

I also searched and found the following article which may help you.

Keep us posted how you get on.


There were about 4 paths that needed to be updated but it made no difference as to the destination site working properly.

I have submitted a help request to BackupBuddy. Right now going from a Windows WAMP environment into a Linux based environment is a total failure.

I tried a few more migrations and they all failed, so I thought I would try a simple Linux to Linux migration on a site that doesn’t use Beaver Builder and it never even completed the migration!

So unfortunately I cannot recommend BackupBuddy at all as it failed 100% to do what it is supposed to and I’ve requested they delete my account and refund my purchase.

Waste of 4 days on that one.

Off to try something different.

Hey Gerald,

Not really sure what the problem is there but we did have a few users who provided feedback that BackupBuddy worked fine for them when they migrated a BB site from local/staging to live, and I’m assuming it was a LAMP to LAMP stack migration.

Personally, and this is what we recommend, I’ve been migrating sites manually, i.e., transferring files via FTP and exporting/importing the DB via PHPmyadmin. I simply run the serialized search and replace script after and that’s it.


I did a manual transfer of files and exported/imported the database.
Ran the serialized search to update the web url and path.
I have the same issues.

Header/Footer is there, although not formatted, no menu. Any page that used beaver builder was blank but if I edited the page with Page Builder I could see most of my content, but it was all tossed into one row and was basically useless.

I found many settings didn’t make it across, and I have to rebuild pages that used Page Builder.

I tried using BackupBuddy, another backup plugin & serialized search/replace, and then just a straight copy files with export/import database.
All methods come up with a broken restored site.

I’m at a loss here. I’m thinking of creating a new test site on my WAMP server with a fresh install of WordPress and the Plugins… set up the theme, do a couple quick pages, try this entire process again.