problems with the customizer

Hello BB Team, I have defined some general styles in the Customizer and activated two Adobe fonts.
The whole thing is displayed as expected in the Customizer. Unfortunately, the changes are not applied to the actual page.
I am using the BB Child Theme.
Does anyone have an idea where the problem lies?

Best regards,

People would need to see the page where you added the css.

Hey Pross,
that would probably help :slight_smile:

Hey Beaver Forum,
do you have any idea why the style changes from the customizer don’t load?
I do not understand what the problem could be.
I have not activated any other plugin.
WordPress is up to date and the PHP version is updated.
I have already reloaded the BB Child Theme.
The web address is

Ok, I had overlooked the different action options at the top of the Costumizer, and always just saved instead of publishing.
Sorry for the inconvenience.