Product Category Child Theme Layout option

I have a pretty extensive WooCommerce site with a lot of categories and sub-categories. I’d like to have a banner/subheader that displays for all the categories archives with the same parent but I don’t see how to accomplish this with Product Categories like we can with page-parent setup. Aiming for a unqie banner for each of my 5 main categories.

Just as an example I created a banner/subheader for one of the main product categories called “Seasonal” it shows on the Product Category Archive for Seasonal but not for any of its children like ‘Christmas’. Is there any way to acheive this setup in Theme?


Hi Patrik,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a category parent location like we do for parent pages. I’ve added this to our feature enhancements board.

If you don’t want to create a layout for each of your child category archives you could try creating a Part layout for your heading and set the location to all your product child categories.

Thanks Danny!
I was trying to avoid doing that since there are 400+ categories (i inherited this setup :frowning_face: ) I’ll look forward to a hopeful implementation of this option.