Product Dependant Custom HTML Code/Widget

Changing Module or HTML code based on product.

I have various products in my shop and each product will require a different HTML widget to link to an external website so that product can be visualised in a specific setting. I need the generated widget button to appear in the middle of the product page, but not sure how to do that. I worked out one way to add the product specific widget by creating a “part” Themer layout, which is product specific, but that process does not give me enough flexibility of where it is place on the page. It ends up being at the end of the content.

What I really want to do is make a small html module that is product dependant as I have a lot more flexibility where I put that in the product page, but I cannot see how to do that.

Any help appreciated

I looked at custom fields, but really was not sure if that would aciieve what I needed.

Basic idea:
put the html code into a custom field of your product ( as meta_value ) can be done with PODS or other CPT/CF solutions…. and then use the BB fieldconnections to output it!

Thanks @Quasel I will play around with the custom fields as a meta_vale to try and achieve that.

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