Proper way to edit child theme

Hey all,
First time out of the box with BB Theme…like it a lot. Normally when I’ve worked with Child Themes in the past, I copy the template file from the parent theme and make my changes and save it to the Child Theme.

In this case, however, whenever I copy something from the Includes folder in the Parent and save it in my child theme (also in an includes folder), it seems to have no effect…the site still reads the parent theme file.

What is the recommended way to do this with this theme?

Hi Jeff! Glad you like the theme! Which file are you attempting to override? Most of the template files in the includes folder can be overridden from one of the top-level theme files. For example, if you wanted to override one of the navigation files, it would probably be easier to just move the whole header.php file into your child theme and work from there. Let me know :slight_smile:

Let’s just take an easy one, for example. Let’s say I want to edit includes > copyright.php.

Let’s say I’m just adding a year range to the default copyright display. So I create a folder called includes in my child theme and save copyright.php there and make the change. When I upload that, it should have the date range, but it doesn’t.

We generate a lot of the markup programmatically because it gives us more control over the different options we can provide from the WordPress Customizer. You can change the default copyright by editing the footer columns in the Customizer tool. That would be the easiest way to do it.

If you need to override the markup that the theme generates, you’ll need to do it from the footer.php (or any other section) file in the theme’s root directory. You’re right that putting an includes/* file in your child theme won’t override the default.

In the root footer.php file, you can remove this function call:


and then write your own markup. You can even view source and copy/paste the existing footer markup in there and edit it from there.