Published Changes Not Saving CSS to ActiveCampaign Form


So, I’m new to Beaver Builder, and I’m creating an opt-in page for my first sales funnel. I’ve embedded a form from ActiveCampaign into the page, but the text input boxes showed up with red backgrounds even though they were white on the ActiveCampaign site. I attempted to fix this by adding CSS to the global CSS settings in Beaver Builder. It looks good as a draft, but when I publish and open the page in a new tab, those changes were not applied.

I’ve cleared my browser cache, and I believe I’ve disabled all plugin caches in WordPress. I also attempted to disable the SSL certificate to see if that helped from similar threads with the same issue.

Attaching the screenshot of published (form with red boxes) because I’m a new user and can’t add multiple forms of media to this post:

Your website is just a Bluehost coming soon page so its hard to say where the styling is coming from but its most likely from your theme.

Sorry for that. I’ve corrected that so that it is live.

Yea its a setting in the theme somewhere, simple bit of CSS will overide it

#_form_1_ input {
    background-color: white;

I see it now. Thank you!