Purchased theme

I bought a word press template , Transfers - Transport and Car Hire WordPress Theme, and I dont know how to add beverbuilder into it or how to start to work. Can someone help please.


And be sure to browse the rest of the knowledge base for tutorial videos, they’re really helpful.

Thanks a million Rod, let me check

Thanks for jumping in, Rod!

Hey Peter, so is this all sorted out? The Page Builder is a plugin so it works with any theme - we have specifically designed it so that it plays nice with other plugins/themes. If you experience any issues, let us know and we’ll work with you in sorting it all out :slight_smile:


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Hey Peter,

If you’re referring to the Page Builder Layout Template, you can access this by clicking on Template in the page builder, it’s one of the buttons located at the top. Not quite sure what you meant by page by page but the Page Builder applies on pages only so the templates only work on that specific page.

What kind of template are you referring to? Or are you perhaps referring to our BB theme which you can get bundled only on the Pro and Agency package.