Qtranslate vs beaver builder


We have a problem. If we brose page and editing it in beaverbuilder the page has only one language - uk, but not russian.

Is it posible to use beaver builder with qtranslate plugins togwther?

Thanks a lot

Hey Horsepro,

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I think there was someone using qtranslate without any problems but Polylang works fine. WPML as well. You could try qtranslate and if you encounter any problem, let us know and we can check.


We allready have a problem.
All our site on qtranslate.
After adding beaver plugin - we have only one language. We can’t add one more. Only in one.



thay are the same, and we can not edit other

What can we do?!

Hey Horespro,

We’re unfortunately not very familiar with qTranslate so I am hoping another user from our community can chime in here. Have you tried qTranslate support? Perhaps there is a setting they can suggest that may help?


so thay said that they add option ‘Single Language Mode’ and it works exactly like polylang… it’s really true, i Test it. But BB stillnot working, adding only one page in one laguage. Qtranslate says that would be better you to see, because other plugins is workin good with this button

can you help us?

P.s. we are reaaly like bb and looking forward to buy full version because we want change our web desidn fast. It s really simple in use. But we have other plugings working good with qtranslation and bad with polylang. So we need it together. And you also have other topics about qtranslation problems with bb

Hey Horsepro,

Would you mind sharing temp admin access via the private reply option below? We’ll take a look to see what we can do.


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Hey Horsepro,

Bear with me here as I don’t fully understand the issue and I’m having a bit of trouble in your dashboard due to English being my native language :). I logged in and in the editor for that page, I see the language options. I don’t see where the disconnect is between qTranslate and BB on the front end. Could you please explain the issue at hand a bit more? If you could be specific to the issue that would be great so we can look into this further.


I add english for you:))))

see the pages:


they are the same!

Use http://horespro.com.ua/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=qtranslate-x#advanced to set the qtranslate

I see the english content changing on the English example which leads me to believe this is working correctly? I opened up each and then reviewed each closely and since the English one is pretty different, I can see that the content has changed over correctly. Are you not seeing the same thing?


let’s see:

in english lang i will whrite the word english/


try to switch beetwen languages! The word english added in every page uk and ru automatically! I can’t have 3 different languages/ When I tryihg to change ru, en will be the same!!!

Hey Horsepro,

Unfortunately, I think were at a bit of a loss here. I did some research and it appears qTranslate doesn’t work that great with other front-end plugins like ours and per the thread you posted on WP.org, it sounds like some work needs to be done by the team at qTranslate to have Beaver Builder be compatible. I would love to help, but it’s looking like this is more on the qTranslate team. I would suggest going with Polylang in the interim as it is also free and appears to be very popular. Sorry I don’t have a better answer here for you. :frowning: