Question about Tabs

I think the native Tabbing module is very attractive and works great. I have just one issue with it: I must populate data into each tab manually and that is a problem for an annual conference that has significant data across five days. I would love either:

  1. To find out that there is a way to populate tabbed data all at once, not tab by tab.

  2. Or to get a recommendation for an alternate Tab plugin. (The ones that show up on a simple plugin search do not perform nearly as well as Beaver’s.)

Many thanks,
Rick Altman
Pleasanton CA

Hey Rick,

Great to see you on the forums already! :slight_smile:

Re. the Tabs module, unfortunately, there aren’t options to populate data as you wish. Each tab will need to be populated with its own content.

Re. an alternate solution, I’m not sure something like that exists to be honest. Typically, as content differs in each tab, it would also need to be inserted tab to tab. If you find something, we would definitely be interested in seeing it though!


Hi Billy –

I have indeed found Tab plugins that allow all data to be define at once. It is coded along these lines:

This is content for the first tab
This is content for the second tab

Stuff like that. That is perfect for me, as my database could create all of that with a simple export command. But the plugins that I have tried out are not nearly as refined as your Tab module. If you found a way to offer that type of coding, my day would be made…