Question RE: Full Height Rows with a Content Slider

Really stoked about the FULL Height Row feature in 1.6.4.

Trying to set it up, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I’m running BB inside of Dynamik/Genesis. My row right below the Genesis header/nav contains a Content Slider. I set the row to FULL height, but now I have a big whitespace gap above (and below) the content slider. Also, the image extends a little farther below the viewport.

The content slider image is 800px high, but I set the Content Slider height to 670px.

So, am I doing this wrong?

Also…any suggestion on how to include some visual cue that there is content below the viewport? I’ve seen some sites use an arrow pointing down along the bottom of the screen.


Hey Craig,

Good to hear! Unfortunately, the Content Slider module can’t go full height right now, but it’s on our radar.

As for a visual cue, you could include an icon module with an arrow that links to the section below on the page with smooth scrolling.



You bet!