question regarding module development


Our company has recently purchased a Beaver Builder Agency License. We are facing the following issue:

  • we created a network Wordpress installation;
  • we installed beaver;
  • we created three accounts, for different kinds of websites;
  • we have created websites inside of these three accounts;
  • we added an option for automatically updating themes, plugins, and wordpress installation;

Now, we need to:

  • save the entire websites we created as a single template (each one of that separately);

Beaver doesn’t allow us to do that by default. Instead, it gives us the chance to save a single page as a template, and it’s not compliant with our specific necessities. Is there any form of support you guys can give us so that we can deal with this issue?

kind regards

Hi Sérgio,

Thanks for posting! Beaver Builder does allow you to create templates of your pages, but creating an entire site template is a bit beyond the scope of what it’s meant to do.

I think it sounds like you might need something like a “site copier” that would allow you to copy the sites on your network and use them as templates. Have a look at these plugins and let me know if you have any questions…


Hi Sergio,

I am in tune with what you want to do. What you will need is NS Cloner which will allow you to create clones of of a master template.

Alternatively what you could do is use something called New Blog Template in which Justin has pointed out to with New Blog Template from WPMUDEV. What this does is allows you to create a master template, then any sub multi site from that will use the master template. It also allows you to create a few templates to use at the setup of a new site.

I would also be interested in hearing your feedback on what Justin has provided for you.