Questions about the posts module

Hey Guys,

I have three questions regarding the Posts Module:

First, is there a way to keep the posts lined up and prevent them from getting out of alignment? Our client has been adding their posts and, due to differences in featured image sizes, title length and excerpt length, the 3 column grid we’re using can get messy quick! What do you suggest we tell them?

On a related note, what does our client need to do in order to make sure their featured images stay at a consistent size? Also, I’ve noticed that featured image thumbnails can look too big if the original image has portrait dimensions. Are landscape dimensions more ideal as a general rule?

Finally, is there a way to make the posts category appear under the post titles? I don’t see an option for this, so just checking.


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch!

  1. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for this since our Posts module Grid layout is based on a masonry based. You could limit the height with custom CSS but given the different featured images, it wouldn't look so ideal. You could try implementing the method on #2 to fix the featured images problem then try using this CSS snippet to deal with the height of the posts boxes.
  2. ``` .fl-post-grid-post { min-height: 400px; } ```
    <li>This would depend on the size that you have set. It is by default set to medium which is 300x300. That means the max width/height the featured image can have is 300px. But this would scale accordingly so as not to break the aspect ratio. You could change those limits under Settings > Media or create a <a href="">custom image size</a> and make is something like 300x150 to make it look uniform. Take note that once you'll do either of those, you'll want to regenerate the image sizes using the plugin <a href="" target="_blank">regenerate thumbnails</a> or maybe even upload the images again for it to work.</li>
    <li>Not possible with the Posts module. You may need to create your own custom module to achieve this.</li>

Furthermore, you could add in a feature request for these(ability to select another layout option for the grid aside from the default masonry and option to show category) on our User Voice Forums. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!