Re deploy to live domain - search and replace issue

Hi Guys,

I usually deploy my websites to there live domain and run a search and replace on the database to adjust to

However as I have only just begun to use Beaver Builder when I went through the same process to deploy a site, the search and replace function did not find any reference to the at all, yet when I looked at the live site, it was clear that there were references to the old within some of the pages.

Can you please tell me how / why this would be the case, that the search and replace can not find the text string?

Thanks Paul

Hey Paul,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Did you run the search and replace on all tables? Also, BB saves its data in the postmeta table as a serialized array. A standard search and replace won’t work. You’ll need to use a Serialized Search and Replace script. Check the KB article below for more info. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest doing the migration process again but this time, use the script described on the article, and make sure to run the script on all tables. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes!