Recaptcha giving me an error

Not sure if this is themer or builder related. I’m trying to use a ReCaptcha v3 on the site. In one location (on one themer page) it works fine. When I try to install it on the other, I get an Ajax error of some sort telling me to increase my max_input_vars, which I did, from 1000 to 5000. Two problems. One, I’m still getting the error and two, even though I changed the vars in both htaccess and php-fpm, the error pop up still says I have var 1000.

Any ideas anyone?


the input vars may not be the cause, the popup is telling you it might be.

The response from ajax should be in the form of JSON, but its getting HTML, so is likely an error of some sort.

The popup tells you to check the browser console log for clues. If it is a PHP error that will be in your server logs.

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