Recent Post Widget not displaying featured image like on the BB blog

I have the recent post widget displaying in the sidebar and footer widget spaces but neither are display the associated featured image. --> in footer --> in sidebar

The most current blog post has a featured image that IS displaying in the post module on a test page -->

I see on the BB blog ( you seem to have featured images displaying in your sidebar recent posts widget.

I assume I am missing a setting in the customizer or widgets panel? I have looked in both places but haven’t been able to find any toggle switches to display the featured image.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for posting! One thing I’m sure of is that the guys aren’t using the Recent Post widget on the blog’s sidebar. I think, from the markup, they’re using the Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin. You could try playing around with that plugin, I’ve used it before and it can certainly do the function you’re after, maybe just needs a bit of styling. Anyway, I’ve assigned one of the guys to this thread to verify that. :slight_smile:


Yup! That’s the one, Ben.

Appreciate the feedback fellas.