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Hi there,
Do you recommend a particular popup? I had popupally and it worked fine, but it essentially blocked every other link - they just wouldn’t work. I disabled it and the links all work fine now. But I’d like to add in a popup again. I’d appreciate a recommendation for a popup that just works with BB, doesn’t require any special coding, and ideally also takes Ontraport code. Any suggestions?


Hi Sandy,
Just a personal comment and preference - but when I visit a site that presents me with a popup to subscribe or something similar - I exit the site and rarely return - I feel they are an intrusion.
And worse, a lot of them repeat and repeat.
Regards, Dave

Hey Sandra,

You can try OptinMonster. Someone made a tutorial about how to use it here.

Hope this helps!


Hi Dave - thanks, I take your point about popups, and I find that my optins increase by about 50% when I use one so there’s an upside for a site owner :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben, I’ll check that out!

Thanks Sandra,
It occurred to me after I posted, that I was referring to popups that happen automatically when you first visit a site - so it maybe that you are not using popups in that way - it is that first in your face experience that annoys me (and is often discussed and the general consensus is a negative one).

All the best, regards, Dave

Thanks Dave, I guess it depends which consensus you accept :slight_smile:

Kind regards,