Recreating a website with Beaver Builder

Hey guys,

It’s always good when a client asks “Can you make me a website just like this one?” that you can turn turn around and say “yes no problem”.

I just wanted show everyone how powerful Beaver Builder is for recreating websites for clients, so I recorded myself recreating a top selling ThemeForest theme today.

Here is the link to part one:

I’ll post part two tomorrow.


its a good combo.

I will use this for small sites, but for big ones I don’t like to chain many products from different vendors.

My first choice will be using Beaver and its own theme.

Second, using genesis and Beaver plugin.

The last one (but not bad) is use genesis with cobalt products. There are some nice themes, like generatepress or some themes based in underscores that would work fine too.

Thanks for your time recording.

Hey flamerz,

I think you’re right. For quick, smaller sites the Automator theme works perfectly. In fact, I just used it on a recent site for

I see Beaver Builder as the final layer in the website creation process: For example:

  • Layer 1 = Start off with WordPress
  • Layer 2 = Add Genesis as the framework for the site
  • Layer 3 = Use Dynamik Website Builder or Genesis Extender to style the site
  • Layer 4 = Use Beaver Builder to create the pages for the site

For quick sites, just replace layers 2+3 with the Beaver “Automator” theme.

Hey guys,

Finally got around to uploading parts 2 and 3 to Youtube:

How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 1 =

How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 2 =

How to use Beaver Builder with Dynamik Website Builder Part 3 =


Love it, Colin, thanks so much! Really detailed and the sites look great! :slight_smile:


Agreed, this is such a great resource to have available. Thanks for putting these together!

Hey Colin,

Just getting around to checking this stuff out myself. It’s really cool to see the different use cases and how far you’re pushing the limits with other products. I love the simplicity of but also see the benefit of what you’re doing with Dynamic as well. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!


Thanks Billy, Rob and Justin.

There’s a lot more to come. You guys have definitely changed my life for the better. You’ve created a truly amazing product with awesome support that can only get better with more people using it.

Please keep up the great work so that other people can benefit from Beaver Builder.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!



Hi Colin

Just wanted to say Thank You for the vids! Appreciated…

Also is Dynamik Website Builder the same as CCS Hero? would i need both?



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your appreciation. There will be more coming very soon.

Dynamik Website Builder and CSS Hero are two completely different products. Both products enable people who don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of CSS code to style a WordPress site. If you are comfortable with editing CSS style sheets and PHP pages you wouldn’t really need CSS Hero or Dynamik.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to get into all the CSS code, Dynamik provides most of the the tools and settings you’ll need. CSS Hero adds a little bit more to your toolkit as it enables you to style things like forms, something Dynamik doesn’t do.

I guess the best way of explaining it is: Dynamik will enable you do style 90% of your site without code; CSS Hero covers the other 10%.

They are both awesome products with excellent support, but if I had to choose which one to buy first, I would buy Dynamik.

Another good option would be to start off with The Beaver Builder theme and CSS Hero. That combination is also a very good solution.

I hope that helps.



Hey Colin,

Thank you for your reply And clarifying the difference.

Yes CSS coding to style is way out of my depth.

even going down this route will be a learning curve as I’ve been using themeforests themes for a few years but now want a faster and more stable website platform.

And from researching came across Genesis, Dynamik, and beaverbuilder combination.

So I took the plunge today and bought all 3…

So I’m definitely looking forward to more of your videos.


P.s I’ve subscribed to your site.