Remove button styles in skin

The “fl-automator-skin” adds the following rule, with few others

.fl-page button, 
.fl-page input[type="button"], 
.fl-page input[type="submit"] {

  1. How can we eliminate those from being added altogher?

  2. We notice that sometimes the rules are added and sometimes they are not, in different environments.

Thanks for your help.



Those are related to the BB Theme. Do you mean the styles are being applied to buttons from a Beaver Themer layout?

How can I remove these rules from being added/applied altogether to the CSS file?

Well those are coming from the BB theme so you can’t really. All themes contain basic styling for things like typography, buttons, links and so forth. However, those styles shouldn’t be for buttons added via the builder. For example, if you’ve added a Button module the styling of the button should be what you’ve set in the Button module options.

Thanks for your help Danny, so you are saying there is no way to remove them from being added to the CSS?

What about the less files?

You may be able to use to the fl_theme_compile_less_paths it will be an array of files that will compile.