Remove Button Styling from BB-theme

I’m running into an issue where a button in a global row - is not properly displaying the css for the module’s hover colour.

I think this is a known issue which I haven’t heard any updates about - but basically the CSS heirarchy is only taking effect on the primary level page, and any embedded global rows are losing some of their css specificity.

The problem mainly arises with the button’s css. For hover states too.

Is it possible to ‘filter’ or adjust the theme’s css so it’s even less detailed?

Perhaps an option to choose in the theme between base-styling applied and a more minimalistic version?

There are things like header borders, footer borders, button borders, logo sizes and hover states that invariably I end up having to re-write every time I start a bb-page so if it is filterable I’d love to know how I could go about doing this.

Hey Jay,

Do you think you can whip up a test page where we can see the issue? I don’t think there’s a filter for CSS, but you can always override our theme’s styling. Perhaps you can keep a list of those styling that you use frequently so you can simply reuse it when the time comes. Did I get that right or am I missing something?


Yeah I just have to override it.

You got most of it right - although just reiterating again a bug report for CSS applying incorrectly to embedded layouts with the BB theme active.

Thanks for your help

Hey Jay,

Can you share a page where we can see the bug in action so we can check?


I’ve had to fix it due to it being on a client’s website. If I come across it again I’ll try get you on board before I fix it. I might save a duplicator copy for you and pop it up on my drop box or something so you can go nuts.

Sounds like a plan! :slight_smile:

I’ll be marking this as resolved for now.