Remove JavaScript on anchor links/buttons

Hello, I am building a website using Beaver Builder and the Icelander theme. I have checked this problem with Icelander Support and they sent me here.

The website has blind people as target so accessibility is paramount with this website.

The problem: I have a few buttons on the homepage that take you to other sections of the page (anchor links) . When the button is clicked, the page does scroll down to a later section of the page, but they don’t move where the screen reader is reading, or move keyboard focus.

This means for people using a screen reader or keyboard to navigate, these links are functionally useless. It’s important that these links actually move focus down to the appropriate section, and not just scroll the page.

My understanding is that there is JavaScript that makes the page scroll smoothly to the anchored section and this is causing the problem. I am wondering if there is a way to remove this JavaScript code.

For reference, I am new to Beaver Builder and only a mid-level in terms of website design/wordpress.

I hope to hear back from you. Thank you in advance for your time.